In the two months that I’ve been studying with Bloc, and having done enough to get a solid understanding and application of frontend development, I want to discuss some of the challenges faced so far (that you may be able to relate to). I also want to talk about some goals ahead.

Some Challenges I’ve Faced

I love challenges. I find them to be the perfect growth, and problem solving opportunity. In learning JavaScript, or Git, I have come across times where I was stuck or baffled. I still remember the first time I was stumped and demoralized: I was confidently going along Code School courses to learn the basics and intermediate level JS until I hit a checkpoint where I had to solve problems at Codewars.

My world came crashing at first. I felt like a fraud – “Where did all that knowledge and solving JS problems go?! Why can’t I figure this out?! Do I know anything at all? What is the meaning of life?! Who really let the dogs out?!!!” But then I reached out to my mentor and he calmed me down “it’s normal! You have to go through this phase”. He was right. Coding after all, is just a matter of feeling great after you solve pain in the butt problems. It’s that cycle of dopamine rush we’re all seeking (or is that just me?). Eventually I did end up solving the problems – and I started becoming better day by day, as I kept working through the program.

I won’t even touch on the first time I came across DOM scripting with JavaScript (and this is despite the fact that I’ve done some web development work before - but it had always been just surface level stuff). Let’s just say, self doubt was quite a prevalent factor then. However, I’m grateful for my mentor’s guidance, and the resources I ended up using (books, MDN, w3schools, stackoverflow, random blogs, etc.) that allowed me to paint a better picture in my head for the concepts I struggled with understanding.

Sometimes it was just a matter of letting a difficult or abstract concept sink in your head after applying it and seeing what it did.

Some Goals

Goals are important. They guide your journey in any endeavor. With my coding skills, I would like to work on side projects that can potentially be useful and profitable. Ideally, something FinTech related would be great as I have the relevant experiences and the technical skills to produce useful tools for people. However, it’s not all just FinTech for me. Building out a SaaS or just a crazy, experimental idea as an exercise of your skills is something that I look forward to. I look forward to being able to implement all kinds of features and ideas. Heck, they don’t even need to be polished ideas – as long as they can stand on their own and do as they are intended to do.

Overall, I think a single post on challenges and some goals is not good enough. I will post my challenges and goals as they update and I come across unknown territories. I have a feeling there will be plenty ahead :).