What is Bloc?

For those who don’t know Bloc, it is a company that offers software development education online…or also referred to as a bootcamp. To be fair though, while its primary offering was primarily aimed at people looking to learn Web Development skills only, the term ‘bootcamp’ has become synonymous with “people who can now code, but don’t understand the deeper concepts/big picture/behind the scene of things”.

Fortunately for me, the track I chose with them goes deeper than just full stack development skills. I’m just naturally someone who wants to get the big picture, and apply big picture things – and that would require me getting deep and going behind the scenes if needed. I personally didn’t want to go back to school for another Bachelors in Comp. Sci while working full time (from what I know, I wouldn’t have been accepted into a decent Masters program with no Comp. Sci background anyway). The program turns out to be a great fit for my needs.

What I like about Bloc’s program

First, it’s definitely the one on one access to a mentor who you can reach out to when you’re stuck or just want to talk code and things you may not understand or think of finding out because you don’t know what you don’t know. You get weekly meetings, and depending on the pace of your study, the frequency of meetings can be higher or lower. It’s also a great support system in your journey so that you don’t feel left behind or too bummed if you do face some challenges in your coding journey.

What I’ve learnt in two months

As of this writing, it’s been two months since I started my program at Bloc. They’ve gone through basic HTML/CSS skills to delving deeper in frontend skills + working with the CLI and Git. My JavaScript also keeps improving as I’m also asked to do Codewars challenges periodically. The best part? I’ve already gone on to build my first project (granted, with their guidance).

I’ve also found some emphasis on clean and readable code throughout. Which is amazing frankly. I have come across quite a bit of clever solutions online to problems I faced – but some of it seemed gibberish to the human (aka you need to do double or triple takes to get what’s happening at times). While clever solutions are great and may speed up loading JS by milliseconds, clean code is preferred when working in teams and for companies that have more than one developer working on a project or for maintenance.


I will definitely recommend someone looking to learn software development seriously and with guidance and structure in place. Sure, you can learn on your own for cheaper, but it really depends on your goals.

Goals and challenges are what I’ll be touching on next, so stay tuned!