EDIT: Node.js is now on Bloc’s curriculum but it’s ok. I’ve managed to pick this one up myself for a project.

I just completed my first checkpoint within Bloc’s curriculum on Ruby on Rails. It’s a slight bummer that we aren’t on node.js for the backend portion, but that’s ok. By now, I feel confident enough that I can pick up programming languages and concepts as I go along. After all, there’s still plenty of Ruby stacks out there that could use developers anyway. If I only knew node.js out of the gates, I’d only be good for what’s the hottest current, mainstream tech.

Besides, I hear Golang is picking up steam 😉

So far with Rails, I’ve gotten accustomed to using rvm to manage the different versions of items, creating/using gemsets. Sure that’s pretty basic, but I can now setup a basic Rails app. I think that’s pretty cool. I’ve even connected and setup a development environment + a production environment on Heroku with Postgres DB.